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The Best Countries to do Business in the Middle East

Businesses are income-generating entities which have a positive impact on people and a region’s economy. Several factors determine the success of a business. These factors include political stability, market and labour availability. The Middle East region is known to be a business hub. The best countries to set up businesses there include: United Arab Emirates

Non Copyrighted Music to Promote Your Business in the Middle East

Today, we all know about new businesses in the market through advertising. Social networks have profoundly changed the concept of advertising, since it no longer depends solely on radio and television commercials or space in the written press. This has allowed more companies, including small ones, to promote themselves through social networks very easily. For

Cover Letters and Job Ads for Your Businesses in the Middle East

The Middle East is a region of profound economic wealth. The enormous oil reserves and also the oil production have improved the economy of many countries in this area, and especially in the Persian Gulf, to re-emerge in a significant way in the global market. All this has led to increased job opportunities for thousands

A Guide to Doing Good Business in the Middle East

The Middle East has continually wormed its way into the list of leading investment destinations in the world over the last two decades. This statement may, however, sound too general, when you consider that it is the same region that is home to war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq. The truth is that there has

Middle East Carpets Flying Into The Auctions

The wonderful, intricate carpets of the East have delighted and attracted admirers from all over the world. They are a wondrous mix of colour and style reflecting the areas they are from; woven from silk, cotton and wool from various animals like goats, sheep and camel. Different combinations providing strength and of course price. Silk