Middle East Carpets Flying Into The Auctions

The wonderful, intricate carpets of the East have delighted and attracted admirers from all over the world. They are a wondrous mix of colour and style reflecting the areas they are from; woven from silk, cotton and wool from various animals like goats, sheep and camel. Different combinations providing strength and of course price. Silk rugs have always been popular, and due to their strength, many remain throughout the world as valued antiques. Over the past twenty years, nomadic tribal rugs have grown in popularity and are proving a substantial investment and as such are a favourite item at auctions worldwide.

Bedouin Carpets Attracting Attention As Investments

One of the popular nomadic rugs comes from the Bedouin tribes. These are durable, hard-wearing and completely handmade, from the shearing of the wool, washing, carding, spinning and drying to the weaving itself. The looms the Bedouins use are very simple and easily dismantled to move with them. The traditional designs remain the most popular based on centuries-old patterns, and each tribe has their own unique patterns; sometimes you can see the possible origins of the design, maybe from a mosaic or old scripture that has been copied and become part of the tribe’s patterns. Visit to view their eclectic carpet selection and gain an insight into the investment potential of these carpets.

Bedouin Carpets – A Business Opportunity?

The lifestyle of the Bedouin has been changing since oil was discovered in their areas, so to as the carpet trade. While traditions are continued, it is a slow and laborious process to make even one rug. Tribes have begun to settle in semi-permanent places, as international politics, boundaries and big business impinge on their lifestyle. Children go to school, learning skills other than the ones their mother and mother’s mother learnt. The art of carpet weaving has not disappeared, but the supply has dropped. Against this, the demands for original handmade rugs are increasing. Funding those tribes that still keep to traditional ways is an excellent business investment both short and long term. As International interest in their carpets grows, attention is being paid to other handmade products, cushions, wall -hangings and saddle bags, all in high demand. Investment into this area will create a sustainable product that helps retain traditional ways of life while still encouraging growth and change.

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